Hurricane Harvey brought extreme devastation to our community, so everyone at Bleyl Engineering felt the call to go out and help others.

We all gathered and prayed for healing and comfort for those affected by the hurricane.  Some of our employees volunteered their time and donated to several individuals, organizations, and schools in our immediate and surrounding communities.

Travis Walker, Austin Love, Dustin Wind, and Ryan Londeen helped demo flooded homes in various neighborhoods, as well as, donated money and items through their churches.

Kate Bleyl by cleaning homes that had been flooded and volunteering at the donation center warehouse in Conroe.

Michael Sullivan volunteered at his church helping to control water infiltrating their building and helping to dry out the child care facility.  He also repaired a damaged water heater for single mom with young children that were without hot water for two weeks after the hurricane.

Austen Beck spent his time in the Houston Heights area with the purchase and coordination of deliveries of food, clothing, and toiletries to George R Brown Convention center for flood victims.

Jennifer Steen organized a school supplies donation drive for a Houston area school classroom that lost everything during the hurricane.  She was able to collect enough school supplies to not only furnish one adopted classroom, but two.