Corporate Headquarters

Bleyl Engineering is a Consulting Civil Engineering firm with the home office in Conroe, Texas. Since our beginning in 1997, Bleyl Engineering has grown to include offices in Bryan/College Station, Austin, and Houston.

We specialize in the design of municipal engineering projects, including water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, transportation, drainage and land development projects. The firm also conducts feasibility studies, infrastructure evaluations, utility rate analysis and overall project management services.

Our primary clients include cities, utility districts and developers. Our founding vision is to produce a high quality experience for our clients. At Bleyl, we feel it is of utmost importance to develop a personal relationship with our clients. Likewise, we are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with regulatory and public agencies. We believe our strong commitment to solid relationships with all parties involved in a project is vital to a successful outcome. We trust that by implementing our founding vision and core values, we will provide our clients with a high quality product and enjoyable experience.

Bleyl Engineering maintains self-motivated, skilled employees, and encourages continuing education, self-improvement and skill development. Our employees have specialized skill sets that are necessary to this industry, and we utilize these skills to the fullest extent. We also encourage our employees to cross-train to develop an understanding of the full scope of the company’s services and operations. We are confident that with this type of knowledge and experience, the client is better served, and projects are developed with a better understanding.

Chief Operating Officer:

Derek Wind, P.E.

Mr. Wind has extensive experience in project design and construction management for private and municipal engineering work including: water and wastewater treatment facilities, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, commercial and residential land development, storm water mitigation, street paving & drainage, and flood plain analysis and revision.

He has been licensed as a professional engineer since December 2006 and an employee at Bleyl Engineering since January 2006.