Scott Stevens rides in Ironman Texas 2019

Bleyl Engineering considers it an honor to have partnered with Scott Stevens of the Stoecker Corporation in raising funds for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Bleyl recently sponsored Scott in an Ironman Triathlon fundraiser for Tying Vines, a non-profit organization doing humanitarian work for the refugees. Tying Vines works alongside trusted partners in the region to provide educational and vocational training, medical care, and trauma counseling for refugees displaced by the civil war.  

Melissa’s Promise: Raising Funds for Syrian Refugees

Scott and his wife were moved by the work of Melissa Mitchell, humanitarian and founder of Walk With Me, an organization started during the height of the refugee crisis and that has since partnered with Tying Vines. Her persistent work feeding, healing, teaching, and sustaining refugees fleeing the war prompted the Stevens to make their own significant contribution to the Syrian refugee initiative. Having completed an Ironman 4 years previously, Scott chose the Your Journey Your Cause program with the Ironman Foundation to facilitate the fundraiser and prepared to complete the grueling event a second time. Inspired by the story of Melissa’s commitment to stick with a group of Syrian children, the Stevens named their fundraiser Melissa’s Promise with a heart to do the same.
Scott completed the 140.6-mile triathlon in 13 hours, 28 minutes and 14 seconds, raising over $27,000 for Tying Vines and beating his goal by more than $2,000. The Stevens continue to raise awareness for the Syrian refugees and the incredible humanitarian work of Tying Vines. Learn more about Tying Vines, their mission, and how you too could get involved.

About the Stoecker Corporation

Scott is Project Manager for Stoecker Corporation, a land development company in Conroe, Texas. Stoecker Corporation focuses primarily on residential lot development in Conroe and Montgomery County with an emphasis on environmental preservation. Bleyl Engineering has partnered with Stoecker Corporation for land and site development projects for over 15 years.