Bleyl Engineering, a leader in land development, municipal services and construction management, is pleased to announce the completion of the 43,750 square foot CForce Bottling Company water plant in Navasota, Texas.

Bleyl Engineering played a number of instrumental roles in this project, including project administration, civil design, compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations and nationwide licensing. But before any earth was moved for this facility, Bleyl had to secure the integrity of the product – water from a 23,000 year-old aquifer.

Securing the Source

Discovered by accident in 2011 on a ranch owned by Chuck and Gena Norris, this water has been untouched since the ice age. We first had to secure the existing well, which required modifications to the concrete sealing block and improved piping and pumping equipment. Next, we provided guidance for the preliminary water treatment process which included chlorine disinfection and additional in-storage aeration.

Designing the Plant

The next step was to design the plant grading, layout and culvert specifications. Bleyl also was responsible for the erosion control plan – essential for a facility with such a large footprint. Once these challenges were addressed, we designed the interior of the plant, focusing on logistical efficiency. Over 7,000 linear feet of four inch pipe was designed to bring the source water into the plant directly from the well without ever being “handled.” This required close coordination with the Texas Department of Transportation, as we had to obtain a permit to bore under State Highway 90.

Assuring Product Access Nationwide

To be sure CForce would be able to market, distribute and sell its product nationwide, we prepared and furnished the company with engineering reports specifically tailored for each of the 50 states.

In Summary

The design, licensing, administration and regulatory approval process (with TCEQ and TxDOT) for this facility took two years. Key Bleyl personnel involved in this $10 million project were Sam J. Vernon, PE and Shanice Robinson, EIT. The CForce Bottling Company is located on Lone Wolf Ranch, which is owned by martial artist, actor, producer and screenwriter Chuck Norris and his wife Gena. It is one of the largest private bottlers in Texas.

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